Our Vision

Who are we?

MOTF Community (MOTFC) is a community owned and operated web-store that focuses on selling Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) products and facilitating high level events for these games. MOTFC is based in Sydney, Australia and plans to work predominantly on Australia's east coast for the foreseeable future. 

What is our background?

MOTF, or Master of the Force, started as a YouTube channel in mid-2016 focusing on FFG's Star Wars: Armada under the name Master of the Fleet. Since that time MOTF has expanded to cover a number of FFG games including Star Wars: Legion and X-Wing: The Miniatures Game. 

In late 2019 a small group of dedicated community members coalesced to help organise and run the Star Wars: Legion event at MOAB 2019. Following the success of this event the team committed to running the Star Wars: Legion Grand Championship event at CanCon 2020. To date this event is the largest ever held for Star Wars: Legion within Australia. 

Based on these experiences our team decided to find a way to deliver fantastic events in an effort to help grow and support the games and communities that we love. From this, MOTFC was born. 

Our vision

Traditionally, web-stores dramatically undercut brick and mortar stores in an effort to drive sales. Such practices put extreme financial stress on brick and mortar stores, who are a massive part of our hobby community. From the outset MOTFC rejects this model. We see our role as a means of supporting the community and filling a gap in the current system.

MOTFC's vision is to allow the community to self-fund high quality events with their hobby purchases. This will be achieved through our "Pay $1 Less. Get So Much More" model. In a nutshell, MOTFC will be run effectively as a not-for-profit. Ninety percent of all net-profit from every sale will be used to fund the events that the MOTFC Event Team plans on delivering. This will be used to pay for tournament kits, prize support, terrain, and a whole host of other items required to deliver the highest quality events. The remaining ten percent of net-profit will be donated to help charity causes. 

To reiterate, as it stands, there is no intention for MOTFC to make any profit that will not be spent on either the community or charity work. To ensure that this process is transparent we will release a financial statement every quarter outlining where our money is being spent and why. It is our view that this model will allow the community to directly support itself and achieve the greatest value for money from their hobby purchases. 

We hope you will join us on this journey and that, no matter the system, that your dice always roll crits.