We Are What They Grow Beyond

Here at MOTFC we are very excited to announce our official opening. 

Traditionally, web-stores dramatically undercut brick and mortar stores in an effort to drive sales. Such practices put extreme financial stress on brick and mortar stores, who are a massive part of our hobby community. From the outset MOTFC rejects this model. We see our role as a means of supporting the community and filling a gap in the current system.

MOTFC's vision is to allow the community to self-fund high quality events with their hobby purchases. This will be achieved through our "Pay $1 Less. Get So Much More" model. In a nutshell, MOTFC will be run effectively as a not-for-profit. Ninety percent of all net-profit from every sale will be used to fund the events that the MOTFC Event Team plans on delivering. This will be used to pay for tournament kits, prize support, terrain, and a whole host of other items required to deliver the highest quality events. The remaining ten percent of net-profit will be donated to help charity causes. 

It is our view that this model will allow the community to directly support itself and achieve the greatest value for money from their hobby purchases. We hope you will join us on this journey and that, no matter the system, that your dice always roll crits. 


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