CanCon 2020 Event Wrap-Up

After months of planning, and one very long weekend, CanCon 2020 is done and dusted. 

The MOTFC Event Team organised and ran the Star Wars: Legion Grand Championship at CanCon 2020; which was, to date, the largest Star Wars: Legion event ever held in Australia with a massive 45 players. 

By comparison our last event, MOAB 2019, capped out at 32 and the next closest event had 24. This is a very impressive 25% increase in player numbers over our last event! As much as we would like to take the credit for this though, realistically Star Wars: Legion is experiencing a fantastic period of growth following the release of the Clone Wars factions. 

In the end our champion was the resolute Matthew Freier from NSW who, in a true Revenge of the Swiss, managed to defeat the New Zealander Dean Richards in the Top 2 Cut having only just lost to him the round before!

Our warm congratulations go to Matthew for a well deserved win! And, of course, our deepest commiserations go to Dean for just falling short. 

All of our lists and match data have been provided to John Bushman (Bush Facts) who will be delivering an analytical breakdown of the event in the near future. We will link to this analysis when it becomes available. For those interested, all lists and results can be found here

Overall, the event went incredibly well and it was great to see the Star Wars: Legion community really start to come together in Australia. The tables, armies, and players (not in that order) all contributed to making a fantastic event. 

Based on the event survey data we've collected so far, as well as our own anecdotal impressions, we've highlighted a number of areas we aim to improve for our next event.

First and foremost is in regards to our prize distribution. While we had an incredible prize pool to give away thanks to our wonderful sponsors, our actual process for distributing it was very poorly thought out and really suffered from the fatigue that had begun to set in by the end of the tournament. This meant that prize distribution was very haphazard and dragged on for far too long; a fact reflected by how often it was commented on in our event surveys! Rest assured though it is something we're discussing as a team and will have a new solution in time for our next event. 

Other minor issues that we will look to address moving forward include a megaphone or other sound system for the TO to make hearing our announcements easier and a visible round timer. 

When we look at the event holistically though it is clear that our players overwhelmingly loved the event (which as organisers is exactly what we had hoped!). 42% of our surveys collected so far rated the overall event 10/10 and 95% of our surveyed players rated the event between 8/10-10/10. The aspect our players seemed to most consistently enjoy was each other and the sense of community that came out of the event; something which jives with the MOTFC Event Team's own experiences. 

For myself one of the biggest positives was getting to demo the game for a number of people; by all accounts our efforts were successful as Star Wars: Legion core sets sold out CanCon wide! 

Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone who participated in our charity raffle. We were able to sell out our tickets and raise an astonishing $1,005 for the Animal Rescue Collective. This is a phenomenal result and something we should be genuinely proud of as a community. 

Sincere thanks to all who came, we'll be announcing the details for our next event, the Greedo Memorial Classic, shortly. 

Luke from MOTFC

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